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Hey guys, Claudia here, and I’m gonna write some fanfictions, fiction novels, and stuff like that! Expect humour, fandubs, and TONS more! Hope you guys enjoy! Oh, also, expect anime. Like a LOT of anime.

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Dante x Taco

It was a hot summer afternoon at Love~Love Paradise. Dante was on the beach and he was eating taco he had stealded from Travis. “MUAHAHAHA! Trayvis will never know that I stole dis!” He laugh evilly. “Is that my taco Dante?” Trayvis walks over to him. “Uhm no Trayvis I took it from the Mexican Buffet, yea!” He lies “Oh okai den. Can I has it?” Trayvis asks “NO!” Danty hugs his taco. “Aw man…” Travis start crying. Dante then notices how bootiful teh taco is. “Oh my irene this taco is bootiful!” Then sassy Garroth and Sassy Aphmoo pop out of nowhere and says: “Oh no he didn’ts!” And Dante fell in love with the taco and went to the Shoppe to buy a taco wedding dress and they got married right then and there! The end!